The Neon Love Chicken

by Mr Wishart

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Neon Love Chicken is the debut EP from Scottish solo artist, Mr Wishart

Not really sure what to put here! Have been performing around the beautiful city of Edinburgh for the last year now and the Neon Love Chicken represents the first 5 compositions I've wanted to commit to the audio waves. Ranging from the familiar folky feel of Robin to the almost acoustic techno of the title track; I've tried to make my first recording as diverse as possible without straying too highly into art-wank territory. These songs represent 4-5 years of cutting my teeth on guitar, listening to hundreds of other artists, writing and re-writing material until I was able to create music I was proud of. Have a listen to the demos, purchase if you feel you want to hear the whole EP in it's glory; hear it for free on Myspace if you still aren't sure!

As I feel the EP works better as the whole it will only be sold as an entire package.

No matter what the outcome, please drop me a line with complaints, compliments and constructive criticism. The only way I can improve as an artist is via feedback :)


released January 7, 2009

All tracks written by Mr Wishart (except track 4 - hatched by Mr Wishart and Dave MacFarlane)
Produced by Dave MacFarlane
Special thanks to Richard Gordon for his help in the earliest stages of the EP

Mr Wishart: Vocals, guitar, percussion, mandolin (track 4), violin arrangement (track 1)
Dave MacFarlane: Violin, violin arrangement, backing vocals (track 2), mandolin (track 2)
Rupert Forbes: Backing voice (track 4)
Johanna Crossley-Zels: Backing voice (track 4)

Additional thanks to Submachine, Bohemond, Johanna, Tai, Cherenkov Drive, Neil Watson, the wonderful folk in MusFund and anyone else who has engaged me musically over the years

Oh, and thanks go to Zoe Baron for allowing me to steal away her boyfriend every other weekend for recording!!

And, last but not least, thanks to Poppy Mackie for the extraordinary and essential cover art!



all rights reserved


Mr Wishart Edinburgh, UK

Mr Wishart is an acoustic guitarist/singer-songwriter/audio engineer/producer/casual physicist. He's been playing his own tunes for the last 2-3 years, playing numerous memorable gigs about the various bars and dives in Edinburgh and Glasgow. His music is solo, with a use of a loop pedal to add various sound effects or allow multiple guitar lines to weave in and out. ... more

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Track Name: A New Life In A New Town
Can't you see?
This town it holds no more for me.
I have to leave,
Find somewhere to breathe.

Colours turn to grey,
The smile's rubbed off the clown.
Run away to start a
New life in a new town
Track Name: Strawberry Street
Strawberry Street,
People greet you in the morning every day
On Strawberry Street,
People speak to you but have nothing to say

In the evening, feel uncertain
Passing judgement through the curtains
On anyone who walks down Strawberry Street

On Strawberry Street,
There's a sense of inevitable defeat.
On Strawberry Street,
It's impossible to ever be discreet

Living life under the microscope
To see how all the neighbours cope
In a wall-less house on Strawberry Street

They drink themselves to sleep at night
To forget what they could have been.
Drown their dreams in alcohol

And if we meet on Strawberry Street,
Our lives would also be ground down
We'd work and strive, but lose the drive,
To ever leave this town...
Track Name: Robin
Down the road by the riverside,
A lovely robin bird resides.
Watching people pass him by,
With a look of wonderment.

Lies upon a lilly leaf,
Stares at us in disbelief,
Ruining our happiness,
With problems in our head.

We walked into the robin's home,
Tried to make the world our own.
Lying face-to-face
Barely an inch apart

And in this perfect moment,
We both still refuse to kiss,
Thinking of what was
And what could never be again

Robin bird,
Take a bow,
You have no idea how much I envy you right now

Down the road by the riverside,
A robin saw our story end.
She will always be my love,
And I will always be her friend
Track Name: "Do Not Be Afraid"
When I left the bubble,
I had a dream,
Of playing to hundreds,
On the music scene,
In Edinburgh.

I'd circle the city,
Just me and my guitar.
Playing to drunkards,
Propped up at the bar,
Who have no idea where they are..

But life as a dreamer,
Soon has it's pearls.
When the warmth of fantasy,
Collides with a world,
Too cold to understand

And life in the city's,
As cold as a stone.
Watching the dust gather,
On the phone.
Sitting alone

When sunlight's a privilege,
And company's rare.
No one to talk to,
And no-one to share.
And nobody cares..

But on the corner of Albert Street,
In a place where coffee's made,
It says 'Do Not Be Afraid'

Painted on yellow,
In a gorgeous violet shade,
It says 'Do Not Be Afraid'

I try to walk by there,
Once every day.
To drive all my doubts and fears away,
So I won't be afraid

So I won't be afraid
So I won't be afraid
Do not be afraid

Do not be afraid
Do not be afraid
Do not be afraid